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Departmental Student Worker Account

All student workers, including graduate assistants, have access to a Departmental Student Worker Account. These accounts become available following completion of the OneUSG hiring process by Human Resources. These student worker accounts allow students to access Gmail, Google Drive, and other secure resources that they may need in order to perform their job duties. Keep reading to learn how to gain access to student worker accounts and other services.

Accessing Student Worker Account

When a student worker’s hiring process is complete, both the supervisor and the student are notified when the student worker account is available. Student workers can gain access to their accounts by following the process below:

  1. Navigate to the MyGeorgiaSouthern portal 
  2. Click the “First Time User” button. 
  3. Follow the instructions to retrieve the student worker account information. 
  4. Click the “Reset Password Now” button to create a new password. 
  5. After receiving confirmation of the password reset, the student will be able to log in to the MyGS portal and access their new Gmail account and GSuite services. If access to other services is needed, please complete the appropriate request (Banner, Business Objects, network drives, etc.) 

Google Drive Access

Student workers have access to their departmental student worker accounts for the duration of their employment. Accounts are suspended following termination. If the department needs to continue to access Google Drive resources created by the student worker after employment has ended, please submit a MyHelp ticket to have these resources transferred so that the department does not lose access to these resources. Additionally, please always take steps to terminate a student’s employment through Human Resources to ensure that departmental resources are not compromised.It is best practice to use Google’s Team Drives to store departmental resources as opposed to individual accounts.

Duo Two Factor Authentication Requirement

All Georgia Southern employees are required to use Duo’s two-factor authentication service to secure their accounts. Student workers will be prompted to enroll in this service when their password expires. Learn more about Duo two-factor authentication >

Last updated: 9/15/2021