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Departmental Email / Resource Accounts

Accounts Management suggests creating departmental email accounts for things like athletic recruitment, prospective students, conferences, grants, or any long term projects. You may also use your current general department account (e.g.,

It’s more efficient to have a departmental account that several people can check (or one person checking the account to forward emails to the appropriate person) than having project-related emails come to/from a personal email account. Individuals may move to take on other responsibilities, leave the university, or retire. If the departmental account approach is taken, ownership can be transferred to another individual and the email stream is not lost; all email and email archives would remain intact.

Departmental E-mail/Resource Account Form Use this form to request a new departmental resource or email account or to change ownership of an existing departmental resource or email account.

Once the form is submitted, and your supervisor approves the request, you should receive notification by campus email when the account has been set up.

To reset your Departmental Email password:
Go to
Click ‘Forgot Password?’ (on the right), at the portal login
Select ‘Student Organization/Departmental Account’.
Enter the departmental email account.
A 6-digit code will go to the account owner’s email, to be entered on the page.
Enter a New Password.
Re-Enter New Password.
Click ‘Save’.

If you have any problems with the password reset, please have the owner of the account submit a MyTech Help Ticket or contact MyTech Support at 478-2287 OR .

Last updated: 9/2/2020