For All Employees
To request an Axiom account:
  • Download and complete the Axiom Request Form
  • Your Dean or Director must sign the form.
  • Scan the signed form and email to:
  • or fax the form to 478-0272
  • or mail the form to:
    Georgia Southern Accounts Management
    P.O. Box 8136

You will be notified by campus mail when the Axiom account has been set up. You should receive notification within 3-5 business days. If you have applied for the account before your start date, we will create the account but hold the information letter until 1 week before the you start.

Please note if you currently have an Axiom account and are transferring to another department, you will need to get a new Axiom account in the department to which you are transferring.

To reset your password:
  • The password for Axiom is the same as Banner.

Last updated: 6/4/2018

ITS Accounts • PO Box 8136 Statesboro, GA 30460 •