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Creation and Support for Electronic Discussion Groups

Purpose: To establish guidelines for the creation and use of electronic discussion groups or “LISTS” at Georgia Southern University.

Scope: This policy applies only to the electronic discussion groups maintained and supported by Computer Services at Georgia Southern.

Accounts Management maintains and supports electronic discussion groups, commonly called electronic mailing lists or just “lists” to facilitate communication on topics of interest and distribution of information within the Georgia Southern community.

Any officially recognized organization or unit of the university may request the creation of a discussion group in support of university sponsored activities. Lists may also be established for the purpose of enhancing classroom instruction if the instructor is willing to assume the responsibility for list management.

The name of the list should reflect, if possible, the primary topic of intended use of the list.

Each list should have a welcome message which describes the list’s purpose.

The list should serve a broader purpose than the maintenance of personal distribution lists which are more efficiently maintained using personal e-mail software.

The support of electronic discussion groups is a service of the University contingent upon adherence to appropriate University, Board of Regents, and governmental policies and regulations.

Last updated: 1/2/2014