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What is Duo?

Duo is Georgia Southern’s two factor authentication service. While passwords help protect and secure your data, it is still possible for hackers and cyber criminals to gain access to your accounts and sensitive data. By requiring a second identity verification factor, two factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your accounts and helps protect you and the University.

Image depicting password theft/phishing

Why Do We Need Duo Security?

Phishing and identity theft campaigns are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Unfortunately, a password alone provides very little protection for your accounts. When a second layer of protection is added to your accounts, risks of data breaches decrease significantly.

Duo’s two factor authentication service provides that second layer of protection

by requiring a you to verify that the person logging into your accounts is actually you. If your password is stolen, your accounts and personal data could easily be compromised. By requiring you to verify your login with a second factor, Duo makes it harder for cyber criminals to access your personal information.

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