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Our Focus

A Student-Centered Vision

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia uses six guiding principles in its approach to determining viability for campus consolidations. They are as follows:

  1. Increase opportunities to raise education attainment levels.
  2. Improve accessibility, regional identity and compatibility.
  3. Avoid duplication of academic programs while optimizing access to instruction.
  4. Create significant potential for economies of scale and scope.
  5. Enhance regional economic development.
  6. Streamline administrative services while maintaining or improving service level and quality.

In IT Services, we’ve developed a process to continue the spirit of these guiding principles. While a common theme echoed throughout consolidation is the phrase “do no harm to students,” we take that sentiment a step further by making students the center of every decision we make. With the thoughtful input of Student Government Association representatives and other students on the Georgia Southern, Armstrong and Liberty Center campuses, ITS has developed six personas that we believe capture characteristics and tendencies of our combined, future student body. These personas, distributed to all of our Operational Working Groups, are a major consideration in each recommendation that we make.

Meet Our Students

Please scroll through the gallery below to explore our student personas. Click on an image to read the bio and characteristics for that persona. While the characteristics and technological impact represented in the personas is based on responses from actual students, the students pictured below are hypothetical in nature.

Matthew: The Non-Traditional, Veteran Experience
Spencer: The Military/ROTC Experience
Melody: The Traditional, Residential Experience
Kate: The Online, Staff Member Experience
David: The International, Graduate Experience
Camila: The Transfer, Multi-Campus Experience

Last updated: 4/10/2017