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Your Georgia Southern GSuite

Georgia Southern University is a Google Partner school, offering all students access to Google’s G Suite of applications. Though new credentials will be used to access these services in the new Georgia Southern technology environment, Armstrong and Liberty campus students will be familiar with the GSuite applications which include Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, and other Google services. During the migration process, all current students’ Gmail and Google Drive information will be transferred to their new Gmail and Google Drive accounts. Keep reading to learn more about this migration process.

Georgia Southern Email 

As part of the consolidation process, Armstrong and Liberty campus students will receive new credentials and a new email address in keeping with the recommendation approved by the CIC. The naming convention for your new email address will follow the 2-letter + 5-number model: the first letter of your first name and last name followed by five numbers ( Georgia Southern email will become accessible for Armstrong and Liberty campus students on March 7, 2018. Students may begin using this address for new email at this time. Access your email account via the MyGeorgiaSouthern portal.

Beginning on May 7, 2018, the Georgia Southern email address will be used for all new email. At this time, any email sent to a student’s Armstrong email address will be automatically forwarded to the Georgia Southern email address. Students may still access the Armstrong email accounts for historical emails (email received prior to May 7th). On May 14, 2018, all Google resources will have been migrated to the Georgia Southern environment.

Google Drive

Along with historical email information, your Google Drive information will be migrated into the new university’s Google environment. Google Drive information that will be migrated includes your Google Docs, Sheets, etc. While all documents that you are the owner of will be transferred to your new Google Drive, those documents that have been shared with you may not be accessible. To make sure you have access to these documents after migration, please use our Google Drive Download Guide.

Google Migration Process

The Google migration process will begin on May 7, 2018 and will be complete on May 14, 2018. This is an automated process that will initiate for many users at the same time with some migrations taking longer than others depending on how much data is being migrated. While you may begin seeing some email and Google Drive items from your Armstrong accounts in your new Georgia Southern accounts as early as May 7th, the process will be complete for all students by May 14th.

Need tech help? Our MyTech Support representatives are trained on the finer details of Gmail, Google Drive, and many other technology related issues. Please contact us.

Last updated: 5/15/2018