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The IT Services Perspective

In Information Technology Services, we believe that “service” is the most important and most identifying part of our name, who we are and what we represent. There’s a very human component to what we do in ITS in that we provide the tools and support that lay the foundation for success for the students, faculty and staff that we serve. The Information Technology Services consolidation site is developed as a tool to communicate in a way that is agile, flexible and transparent for all of these groups.

The image above depicts a handshake, but it symbolizes much more than that; it symbolizes partnership, collaboration and trust, which are all qualities that we value and promote in our partnerships with our constituents. The values of this spirit of partnership are also reflected between the IT Services Divisions at both Georgia Southern University and Armstrong State University. Throughout this consolidation site, as we refer to decisions and actions taken by IT Services, it’s important to note that this effort is collaborative and incorporates IT teams from both Georgia Southern and Armstrong. As we move forward with becoming one University, we have also become one IT Services team.

We hope you find this site useful and welcome your feedback at If you’d like to visit the main consolidation site for Georgia Southern University and Armstrong State University, that can be accessed at

Last updated: 4/12/2017