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Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty & Staff Migration FAQ

Below are the answers to questions you may have about the migration process. Please check back as we will update these FAQs as new questions arise.

When will my new email account be available for use?
You will be able to access your Georgia Southern email account once your migration visit has taken place with a MyTechSupport representative. Migration visits are scheduled on a department-by-department basis and faculty and staff will be provided access to email at that time.


How do I request changes or customizations to my email address?
OneUSG (formerly ADP) serves as the system of record that is utilized for generating usernames and email addresses. This process is based on a recommendation regarding faculty and staff that was approved by the CIC. Please note that any requests for name changes must originate with Human Resources.


What happens to email messages and contact in my current email account?
Your Armstrong email messages and contacts will be migrated over to your Georgia Southern email account. In addition, during your migration visit, a MyTechSupport representative either provide instructions to you or set up forwarding for your Armstrong email account on your behalf.


How do I access/log in to my Georgia Southern email account?
To access email the first time, faculty and staff will visit MyGeorgiaSouthern and click the “First Time User?” link located underneath the Login button. There faculty and staff will obtain their username and initial password which gives them access to MyGeorgiaSouthern. Once logged into MyGeorgiaSouthern, faculty and staff will have access to services such as Email. Please note that if you are a current or previous student at Georgia Southern with a student account then you will still utilize the “First Time User” link.


What is MyGeorgiaSouthern and how do I use it?
The MyGeorgiaSouthern site serves as the campus portal for customers to access a number of services such as Google (email, calendar, Drive); Folio (learning management system); WINGS (student registration); as well as many other resources available to faculty, staff and students. Please note that access to these individual services will show up in your My.GeorgiaSouthern home page as they are made available to you.


How do I access OneUSG?
Until the end of the current fiscal year, you will continue to utilize the Armstrong instance of OneUSG. You can still access this service via the Armstrong Login page.


How do I receive technology support and assistance?

Armstrong faculty and staff can receive IT assistance by contacting the MyTechSupport service desk via one of the following:

Phone: (912) 478-2287

MyTechSupport hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday • 7:30am – 10:00pm
Friday • 7:30am – 5:00pm
Saturday • 10:00am – 2:00pm
Sunday • 2:00pm – 10:00pm

*Please note that after hours support is provided for “production down” issues.


Will I still have access to my Google Drive information once I begin using my new account?

During the migration process, the following Google services will migrate over from your Armstrong to your Georgia Southern Google Account:

  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Hangouts (Chat) History
  • Google Drive (Sheets, Documents, etc.)

Please note that the following will NOT migrate over from your existing account:

  • Sites
  • Calendar
  • Groups
  • Keep
  • Google Classroom
  • YouTube
  • Team Drives

*In the event that one of the services above is needed, please contact MyTechSupport for additional assistance.


What does the term/process “user migration” mean and how do I prepare?
The ‘User Migration’ process will transition your email, data, and computer over to the Georgia Southern environment. IT Services will be scheduling this process on a department by department basis and will require you to be present for the appointment with the technician. The process could take approximately 3 hours but is dependent on the amount of data that will need to be backed up as well as number of devices. Once this is complete your new Georgia Southern log in credentials will be utilized for email and workstation access as well as new shared drives. For additional information, check out our Migration Preparation guide.


Will I still have the ability to scan documents on my departmental copier and have it emailed to my new Georgia Southern email address?
Yes. Once migration occurs and the email forward is setup you will get those scanned documents to your new email address. A MyTechSupport representative will configure the printer to send documents to your Georgia Southern email account as part of the departmental migration visit.


What is MyTechHelp and how do I access it?

MyTechHelp is the IT Services ticketing system. Once your migration visit takes place, you may access the service via the MyGeorgiaSouthern portal or a MyTechHelp icon on your desktop. Our IT Service Desk team is constantly monitoring issues as they are submitted in an effort to provide resolution as quickly as possible.

Prior to your department migration, customers should contact the MyTechSupport service desk by phone 912-478-2287; email or chat utilizing the desktop icon labeled “MyTechSupport Chat.”


Why do you have to re-image my computer?

As part of the consolidation process, the CIC approved the to transition of the management of all Armstrong devices into the Georgia Southern environment. The benefits of doing this are as follows:

  • Increased efficiencies in providing upgrades
  • Provides a standard support level
  • Availability of additional applications for all campus locations
  • Fiscal alignment and ownership of software licensing agreements


Will all of my current software be available to me once I go through the migration process?
There are no plans to remove any software from your system. However, all software that you purchased as an individual or department will need to be provided to the technician at the time of the migration visit for re-installation. This means that you will need to provide the media and licenses to the technician. IT Services has conducted an inventory software of all machines that are to be migrated and we will make an attempt to provide this information to the appropriate contacts prior to the visit.


Once my computer is re-imaged, what can I expect to see differently?

The following changes may be noticed:

  • Desktop backgrounds
  • Screen lock settings
  • Windows 10 upgrade
  • MyTechHelp icon
  • Printer names
  • Shared drive names

For a complete list of changes, visit the Email, Desktop and Data resources section of our Migration guide.


Will I still be utilizing my Armstrong log in credentials after my migration visit occurs?
Yes, Armstrong faculty and staff would continue to utilize their Armstrong log in credentials for access in labs, classrooms and Port of Armstrong. In addition, your Armstrong credentials will also be utilized for OneUSG access.


If I use a MAC device do I still need to go through the migration process?
Yes, MAC devices also must be re-imaged and moved into the new environment. The same process applies to the MACs that takes place for PCs.


General Consolidation FAQ

For general consolidation FAQ, please visit the University’s consolidation site at

Last updated: 2/19/2018