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Intercampus Dialing

Convenient 5-Digit Dialing

As an added benefit of the fiber inter-connect that has been established between the Armstrong, Liberty, and Georgia Southern campuses, 5-digit intercampus dialing is now available. This feature, which has previously been available in each location as an intra-campus attribute, not only makes dialing easier, it also saves money on long distance calling costs for phone calls, faxing, conference calling, and call forwarding.

How It Works

Dialing on each campus begins with a “steering digit,” or a digit that routes your call. For off-campus dialing, the steering digit is the number “9.” When you want to make an off-campus call, you first dial “9” and then the telephone number that you wish to call. Local steering digits for the campuses similarly route calls, directing them to stay on the campus network.

Historically, if you wanted to make an intra-campus call on the Armstrong campus, you would simply dial the steering digit “4” followed by the 4-digit extension that you wanted to call. This same great feature may now be used between each of the campuses:

Campus Steering Digit Instructions
Armstrong 4 Dial the number “4” followed by the 4-digit extension (4+XXXX)
Liberty 7 Dial the number “7” followed by the 4-digit extension (7+XXXX)
Georgia Southern 8 Dial the number “8” followed by the 4-digit extension (8+XXXX)

Campus Directories

All three campuses have easy-to-use directories to assist you in finding phone numbers for faculty and staff in each of these locations. Please click the links below to access the directory of that respective campus.




Need further assistance? Our MyTechSupport staff are trained on the ins and outs of intercampus dialing. Please contact us by calling (912) 478-2287 or by using any of our other contact methods.

Last updated: 12/21/2017