Proper List Usage For GSINFO

Please be advised:

GSINFO is a list designed to announce events and provide information to the University community. The events should be of general interest and sponsored or supported by University-connected organizations. Any information provided should be relevant to the University’s mission and operation.

Examples of proper postings of events would include: Museum events, Sports announcements, Concerts, Graduation dates and times, Benefits deadlines, Blood drive dates, Student organizations’ events, sponsored political speakers dates and times, and Weather Alerts.

Examples of proper postings of information would include: Changes in Benefits, School closings, Power problems, phone problems, Technical Support Virus alerts, President’s announcements, traffic alerts, University Stores announcements, and Student organizations’ announcements.

Examples of improper use of the list would include: selling personal items, non-university related political announcements, copyrighted material, non-authorized virus or computer alerts, and non-affiliated business sales or announcements.

We ask your cooperation in this matter. The list can serve a very good purpose as a medium for informing our University community of events and important information. It should not be used for personal purposes or non-authorized announcements.

Last updated: 8/21/2014

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