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System Access Review

Georgia Southern regularly reviews access to its sensitive systems. System Access Review, a semi-annual audit, is conducted in order to remain in compliance with the University System of Georgia’s Data Access Policy (USG IT Handbook, 9.4.1). In keeping with this policy, ITS performs System Access Review for Banner, PeopleSoft Financials, and Touchnet. Keep reading to learn more about how to complete this process.

The Access Review Process

During access review, supervisors will have an opportunity to review the access that their direct reports have to Georgia Southern’s sensitive systems, including Banner, PeopleSoft Financials, and Touchnet. If that access is necessary for the employees to perform their jobs, the supervisor can “approve” the access and it will be retained until the next review process takes place. However, if this access is no longer needed, supervisors can “deny” the access and it will be removed.

Completing Access Review

To begin System Access Review, follow the steps below or use our detailed instructions:

  1. Click the Begin Access Review button below.
  2. In each system table, click Approve or Deny for the listed employee. As you make selections, entries will be removed from the table.
  3. System Access Review is complete when each table shows No data to display.

Edit or View Previous Submissions

After you’ve completed Access Review, you may edit or review your selections by completing the steps below or by using our detailed instructions:

  1. Click the Click for Completed Employees button at the top of the System Access Review interface.
  2. Review submissions here or edit/change previous submissions by clicking Approve or Deny in the left columns.

Class & Role Descriptions

The level of access for sensitive systems are classified in “classes” in Banner and “roles” in both PeopleSoft Financials and Touchnet. These classes and roles are documented in the tables on the SAR interface along with descriptions.

Employee Assignments

Employees in the SAR interface are assigned based on OneUSG supervisory data. If an employee is missing or assigned to you incorrectly, please submit a request to Human Resources to have the supervisory information updated.

Our MyTech Support representatives are happy to help you complete this process. Please contact us by calling (912) 478-2287 or by using any of our other contact methods.

Last updated: 3/11/2021