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Reservation & Event Scheduling

Need to book a space for an event on campus? Georgia Southern utilizes the Ad Astra Event scheduling system for room reservations and event scheduling. This tool allows you to find spaces that meet your needs in academic spaces on all three of our campuses. Our comprehensive scheduling system allows you to search for rooms by capacity, layout, or features. Keep reading to learn more about the Ad Astra Events system.

Accessing the System

We’ve included the Ad Astra Event system in your MyGeorgiaSouthern portal, so accessing this resource is easy and convenient. Choose the “Reserve a Room” link in the Events and Planning tile in the portal for single-sign-on access to Ad Astra and there’s no need to re-enter your credentials to begin scheduling. Alternatively, you can navigate to and use your MyGS credentials to sign in. Access Ad Astra to request, schedule, or approve events.

Scheduling an Event

If you’d like to reserve an event or meeting space on any of the three campuses, you can request a reservation through the Ad Astra system. Your request to use the space will need to be confirmed by the space approver for the area. Have questions about how to request a space in Ad Astra for yourself or someone else? Use our event request guides below.

Approving an Event

Space approvers are individuals designated to manage and approve the use of those event spaces assigned to them. When a scheduling request is submitted in Ad Astra Events, it is received and evaluated by the space approver(s) for that area. Space approvers will either confirm or deny the use of the space based on the availability of the space requested.

Student Organizations 

Student Organization members have a dedicated form and process to use so that their Advisors will receive their requests for approval prior to going through the Ad Astra reservation process to the space approvers.

Student Organization Event Requests – Student Requestor

Approving a Student Organization Request

Student organization advisors are full-time faculty or staff members serving as advisors to recognized student clubs or organizations, including those groups affiliated with the Student Government Association and the Panhellenic Association. These individuals evaluate and grant or deny scheduling requests from student organizations. The student organization advisor does not give approval for use of space–this responsibility lies with the Space approver.

Approving a Student Organization Request

Further Assistance

Should you need assistance related to approving spaces in Ad Astra, please submit a MyHelp ticket for further assistance. When creating the MyHelp ticket, submit it as a “TECHNOLOGY Issue” ticket and be sure to include “Ad Astra Event” in the subject or description of the issue area to assist in routing the ticket.

PLEASE NOTE: you will need to be signed in with a Georgia Southern email account to view the FAQs.

Last updated: 10/28/2022