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Computational Research Technical Support is a specialized area of IT Services to build and support a comprehensive program to advance computational research at Georgia Southern University. That includes offering and supporting traditional high performance computing (HPC) systems, as well as systems for high throughput and data – intensive computing.

Please note that the new Talon cluster is now available. The old cluster will be decommissioned after the new year. Please refer to our updated Logging in and Getting Started page. For any other questions, please email

Research Facilitation

Accounts and Requests


  • CRTS Staff – Who works at CRTS and how to contact us
  • Talon Cluster – HPC Computing Cluster hosted at Georgia Southern
  • Software – Current software available on the CRTS Computational Grid
  • Filelocker  – Allows you to temporarily share files securely both inside and outside of Georgia Southern University.
  • OnDemand – Web portal to access the new Talon Cluster
  • WebMO – Submit Chemistry jobs on the new Talon Cluster

Tutorial Documentation

Research Gallery