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Fax Software

Online Fax Solution

Access to an online fax solution allows those departments that rely on this capability to send and receive fax communications in a convenient, secure way. XMedius, Georgia Southern’s web fax software, eliminates the need for a standalone fax machine while still providing the same functionality. Keep reading to learn more about how to access this service.

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If you don’t currently have a fax number or user account, getting access to this service is easy. Simply submit a MyHelp ticket requesting access to the service. Our MyTech Support representatives are happy to help.

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Have questions or need instructions for the the XMedius online fax system? Check out our fax software user guide below for more information.

Fax Software User Guide

Have questions or need technology support? Our MyTech Support representatives can help. Contact us.

Last updated: 2/16/2023