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What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is the premier Experience Management (XM) platform and the Qualtrics Survey Platform, created under the Research Core, is a powerful online survey and data collection tool used for facilitating the creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys.


    • Simple and easy to use point and click interface
    • Powerful survey tools like logical branching, randomization, and more
    • Over 100 question types
    • Multiple distribution options including: email, customizable survey URL, social media, and QR codes
    • Data downloadable in various formats: Excel, SPSS, XML, and HTML
    • Ability to create reports, graphs, charts, and statistical results of response data

Use it now!

    • Qualtrics is available to all faculty, staff, and students at Georgia Southern University through the MyGeorgiaSouthern portal under Research Resources. Login information can be found at Accessing Qualtrics.


On-Campus Training
If you are a faculty member and need training on Qualtrics, we offer face-to-face workshops on its use. Visit the University Training Site to view workshop dates/times and register to attend.

On Demand Webinars from Qualtrics

Quick Start with Qualtrics
Get ready for your first Qualtrics project. In this webinar you’ll learn how you can create, customize, and distribute your projects, as well as build reports to view insights in real time.

Advanced Survey Building
Take your survey to the next level. You’ll train on the most popular and effective advanced survey building features. 

Learn the Qualtrics Survey Platform

The Qualtrics Survey Platform makes sophisticated research simple. And, learning the Qualtrics Survey Platform is easy, too by using the Basic Overview guides below.

Projects Basic Overview
As you login to Qualtrics, you’ll arrive at the Projects page. The Projects page lets you scroll through your projects, create new ones, and view your survey related data.

Survey Basic Overview
The Survey tab lets you design, build, and edit surveys. Here you’ll create insightful questions, add logic, deploy validation, apply a look and feel that will engage your participants, and highlight your brand.

Actions Basic Overview
The Actions tab reacts to live survey responses with a variety of tasks, like response tickets, email responses, Salesforce triggers, and more. An unhappy response can trigger a high priority ticket to your support center. A student request for tutoring can trigger a message to a department’s tutorial team.

Distributions Basic Overview
The Distributions tab lets you pick from a wide variety of distribution channels. Choose the most effective distribution for your audience: email, mobile device, SMS, QR code, anonymous link, or an appropriate social media channel.

Data & Analysis Basic Overview
The Data & Analysis tab manages and analyzes participant responses. The tab hosts five powerful sections: Data, Text, Analysis, Cross Tabs, and Weighting. From these tools you can view, filter, tag, edit, translate, weight, and delete responses. You can review text analytics, apply cross tabulations, import and export responses, and more.

Results-Reports Basic Overview
The Reports tab lets you present the insights you’ve gathered with powerful visualizations, graphs, tables, charts, and more. This tab lets you filter data, pages, and visualizations to create custom report pages for many potential and different audiences.

Contacts Basic Overview
Create your contact lists on the Contacts page. Lists can be used to authenticate respondents. You can also embed (or store) data about each participant in your lists. Embedded Data helps create more powerful reports.

Library Basic Overview
The Library page lets you store pre-made surveys, templates, graphics, pre-written messages, and other files. Pull these files out of your library whenever you need them.


For questions and assistance with Qualtrics, contact Qualtrics Support.

Need on-campus help? Please contact MyTech Support.

Last updated: 11/20/2018