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USG IT Leadership Development Program


The development of leadership at all levels of IT administration is critical to institution and System success.   So, the USG CIO Council (CIOC) Leadership Development Committee (LDC) has established an IT Leadership Development Program to guide the development of IT staff and future CIO’s. This program establishes a guiding curriculum of knowledge and skills appropriate to the  leadership development of rising IT staff  who aspire to be future higher education IT leaders.   Even the most seasoned CIOs will find value in participating in the program towards enriching their personal leadership development.

To facilitate the curriculum, the CIOC LDC has created an online clearinghouse to register shared learning opportunities.  Any of the USG member institutions can offer a workshop or session which meets one or more competencies in the curriculum.

Staff completing the curriculum are recommended to the USG CIO for formal recognition.  IT staff interested in participating in the program should contact the CIO on their campus.

The USG IT Leadership Program

The IT Leadership Development Program is based on the collaborative spirit of CIO’s at USG campuses. These CIO’s identify leadership candidates, track their participants progress in the curriculum, and recommend to the USG CIO candidates who have successfully completed the recommended curriculum. This program is self-administered at each institution, and the USG CIOs collaborate to provide opportunities for aspiring IT leaders to participate in events that lead to completion of the IT Leadership Program.   Candidates completing the curriculum are acknowledged by the University System of Georgia  Associate Vice Chancellor for IT.

  1. The USG CIO’s agree on a general and flexible curriculum for IT leadership development.
  2. The USG CIO’s agree to collaborate by sharing opportunities for eligible USG IT staff to participate in activities that fulfill the curriculum
  3. The USG Associate Vice Chancellor for IT  agrees award a certificate of completion to those IT staff who have completed the IT Leadership curriculum based on the the recommendation of campus CIOs.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is intended to be a guide in the development of various aspects of IT leadership.  It is flexible, and participants can fulfill the requirements through any legitimate means supported by their CIO.   The University System of Georgia and the campus CIO’s collaborate to develop and share leadership development workshops and experiences which address elements of the curriculum.  Students may also participate in development opportunities that are more formal in nature, such as certification training, or EduCAUSE workshops that address many aspects of the curriculum.  Follow this link for details about the IT Leadership Program Curriculum. 

Collaborating and Contributing

There are many opportunities, formal and informal, outside of the USG that contribute to IT staff development. Organizations like EduCAUSE, NACUBO, and ACUTA offer outstanding training and professional development opportunities.  The USG offers opportunities through the ELI, Summit and Rock Eagle and other technology conferences.  In addition, the USG CIO’s seek to collaborate and share opportunities for the development of IT staff and future leaders throughout the USG.   Hence, any learning opportunity that can be associated with the leadership curriculum is welcome.

To offer a program, session, or learning opportunity, complete the online form.


To participate in the program, contact the CIO on your campus and discuss the curriculum.  Identify skills and acumen already obtained and document your achievements.  Identifying additional learning opportunities and periodically check the USG CIOC LD Clearinghouse for opportunities.


Last updated: 2/10/2015