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Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing

WEPA is a cloud-based print solution that allows Armstrong and Liberty campus students to upload documents on-the-go and print them at one of the 9 WEPA stations located on the Armstrong Campus and 1 on the Liberty Campus. Send documents from any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

How does WEPA work?
  1. Login at by selecting Georgia Southern University and entering your MyGS username and password. Upload your document.
  2. Login with your MyGS username and password at any WEPA print station. (Be sure to type slowly on the screen) Insert your campus ID card and tag your card in the bottom right corner to sync up your Print Dollars with the WEPA system the very first time and then log out.
  3. After you have tagged your campus card, swipe the campus card again and you are automatically in the system and can print your uploaded documents. You can use your campus card with WEPA so that you can access your 1500 free pages using your Printing Cash.   Each WEPA station has the option of printing documents in black or color.
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Where are the WEPA stations located on campus?
  • Armstrong Center left doorway behind elevator
  • Fine Arts student area
  • Lane Library near Reference Desk
  • Lane Library behind book scanner
  • Learning Commons by Circulation Desk
  • Learning Commons right of the Main Desk by exit
  • Liberty Center
  • Science Center Foyer, next to elavator near connecting bridge way
  • TechHub in Memorial College Annex Lobby
  • University Hall, Common area near computer labs 110 and 112

How do I tag my Eagle ID card if I had already tagged my Pirate ID card?

To use WEPA with your new Eagle ID, you’ll need to tag your new card at a WEPA machine using the following steps:

  1. Log in to the WEPA machine by either swiping your Pirate ID or selecting Don’t have a tagged card? at the bottom of the screen then selecting Wepa Account Login and entering your Port credentials.
  2. A prompt window will appear to swipe a card with a magnetic strip to tag to account. Either swipe your Eagle ID or hit cancel and use the following steps:
  3. Select the blue menu icon
  4. Select Manage Tag
  5. Select Add/Replace Tagged Card
  6. Swipe your Eagle ID card
  7. Once you have successfully tagged your card, select the Logout button on the top right.

Have questions or need technology support? Our MyTech Support representatives are trained on WEPA and all your other technology needs. Call us at (912) 478-2287 or email today!

Last updated: 8/8/2018