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General Information

Description: Respondus is a powerful application for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Folio.

Looking for Respondus Lock-down Browser instead?

Recommended Uses
  • Import quiz questions from MS Word or other text-based documents for publishing in Folio
  • Batch publish a quiz/survey into multiple sections in Folio
  • Download and print Folio quizzes into paper-based formats
  • Utilize the Respondus Test Bank Network to find pre-published quizzes based on your course content.
Get Respondus / Setup for Folio

If you are using an on-campus computer, chances are, you already have Respondus (Windows only). Just click the Windows Start button and type “Respondus” in the search box. “Respondus Campus-Wide 4.0” should appear and you can launch it.

  1. To download Respondus, log into MyGeorgiaSouthern, and click on the “Download Software” link under “Technology Resources.” Then, simply click on the download link that corresponds to your system to download the Respondus program. The link also contains the Support Contacts and the License Key for installation.
  2. Configuring Respondus for Folio – MUST READ before using with Folio
Additional Information

Last updated: 6/2/2020