Respondus Lock-Down Browser

About Respondus Lock-Down Browser

Description: Respondus Lock-Down Browser is an application that allows instructors to take advantage of a window-less, secure online testing environment. It is fully integrated into folio.

Recommended Uses
  • Prevent unauthorized “googling” of answers in a lab environment on the computer students are using
  • Deter cheating through by locking the use of copy/paste or screen capture
Using RLDB

Using RLDB is simple for instructors. In folio, when you create a Quiz, simple check the appropriate boxes on the Restrictions tab in the Respondus LockDown Browser section.

For students, you will be prompted to use RLDB when you enter a Quiz. All on-campus computers have the software loaded, and off-campus students can follow the simple instructions inside of folio

Last updated: 5/21/2013

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