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About Clickers

Clickers are a great way for professors to gather instantaneous feedback from students without introducing too much disruption into a lecture. They can be used to assess pre- and post-lesson knowledge, provide a springboard for class discussion, and collect attendance information.

Why Use iClicker?


iClicker comes with numerous advantages. It is simple to set up and use, and its software can be used with any program or web page on your computer. Faculty have the option to have students use Clicker2 remotes or mobile devices.


In addition to ease of use, iClicker comes with a much lower total cost of ownership than some other systems. A student’s initial purchase price is the only cost associated with iClicker remote or Reef subscription and there are no recurring fees. The decision is up to the instructor to allow mobile device instead of a remote. Be sure to verify with your instructor before making this purchase.

Clicker Software Downloads

iClicker Classic
The software should be installed on the instructors personal network drive (H) so that they can access the results in their office and the classroom.

iClicker Cloud
The set up for iClicker Cloud occurs directly on the iClicker website and then is added to your Folio Course. Before using the iClicker Cloud version in the classroom be sure that the software is installed on the instructor station. If not please submit a request to the Service Desk for installation.

Getting Started

Submit a MyTechHelp request for information and help getting started.

Instructor Information

iClicker User Guide for Classic (7.22)

Classic Instructor Information

Schedule of workshops may be accessed at

Student Information

Student Apps and Remotes

iClicker Cloud Student Guide

FAQs for Instructors

Which clicker do we use at Georgia Southern?

The campus standard is  iClicker.

How do I register my clicker?

iClicker is fully integrated with Folio so that registration can be done quickly and easily from within the Folio course page.

Instructors add the iClicker registration link for their Folio course.

  • Instructions here to add the iClicker Classic.
  • Instructions here to add the iClicker Cloud.

How do I change my iClicker channels?

To avoid possible interference across classes, each classroom on campus will be assigned a clicker frequency such as AA or AB on the iClicker Base.

  • Instructors can set this frequency when initially setting up the course, and the settings will remain for the entire semester.
  • For students, instructions for setting a clicker frequency are on the back of each iClicker–along with instructions for everything you need to know for general clicker use!

For user guides, training videos, and more information on iClickers, please visit the website.

For Technical Support, please complete the contact Support information call iClicker at 1-866-209-5698 or email us at

Current iClicker System Status

For additional assistance please submit a MyTechHelp request for information and help getting started.

Last updated: 10/1/2019