Migration Plan to Folio

Beginning Fall 2018, Folio D2L learning management system (LMS) will provide online course materials and tools for students and faculty at all three campuses.  Folio provides the same learning environment as the Armstrong’s eClassroom LMS. Folio is hosted by D2L which provides zero downtime during updates.

What are the benefits?

  • One learning management system for all students and faculty, regardless of the campus location
  • Reduced downtime 
  • Integrated Google Drive accounts
  • Mail forwarding available
  • Fully integrated Kaltura that provides video capture and storage

What will happen to current eClassroom courses?

We are currently working with USG and D2L to transfer two years of content from eClassroom to Folio. These archived courses can be used to copy content into future courses. The eClassroom environment will remain available to LMS administrators for assistance with grade appeals and setting up access for in-completes.

  • Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017 – Completed
  • Fall 2017 – Transferring in Spring 2018 – Completed
  • Spring 2018 -Transferring in Summer 2018
  • Summer 2018 – Transferring in Fall 2018

How do I access my eClassroom migrated courses?

To view migrated courses launch Folio through the My GS portal.  Click on the “Select a Course” dropdown and type “Migrated” and click the enter key on the keyboard. Your list of Migrated classes will be displayed.  To begin preparation for Fall 2018 copy the migrated course to your Fall 2018 course area. This link displays the step by step copy process.

What may be different?

  • In Folio, instructors have the ability to activate and deactivate courses at their chosen time.
  • Maintenance occurs with no downtime for the LMS.

What timelines are in place?

Beginning Fall 2018,  all classes will be using Folio. Instructors can anticipate getting access to Folio after your department has been migrated. eClassroom migrated content will be available after spring break.

Last updated: 5/1/2018

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