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Crosslisting Courses in Folio

What is crosslisting?

Multiple course sections can be combined into one course site. Combining course sections allows instructors to have all their students and course materials in one convenient location within Folio.

Note when a course is crosslisted, a new course space is created and any content, grades, and student work that exists in other sections will not be automatically transferred.  Instructors will have to copy content from existing courses into the new crosslisted course space. No student grades and activities can be moved to the new course space.

Requests should be completed prior to the first day of class. Be sure to submit your request early so that staff have time to complete the requests prior to be start of Attendance Verification.  During the Attendance Verification process crosslisting courses will be temporarily paused until after the end of attendance verification time period.

Crosslisting request form

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Last updated: 10/20/2020