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Fall 2021 Quick Start

Fall 2021 Faculty Quick Start Guide

We’ve put together a Fall 2021 Quick Start Guide to give you easy access to some of the technology resources you’ll be using this Fall. Use the guide below to explore these resources.

Attendance Verification

Attendance verification begins on the first day of classes. A two-question quiz in Folio titled “Georgia Southern Attendance Verification” allows students to automatically confirm their attendance in your classes.

Important Tips:

  • Do not make any changes to the quiz.
  • Students will receive a news item in each course with a link to the quiz. Please encourage them to complete it.
  • You will receive an injection page in your MyGS portal beginning Monday, August 16th, informing you of students whose verification has not been completed.
  • For students who indicate non-attendance in error, you may confirm attendance on their behalf using the Attendance Verification roster in your MyGS portal.
  • Students who are marked as not attending through your Attendance Verification Roster will be automatically dropped from the course in Banner.

You can find more information and step-by-step instructions on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Quick Links

Virtual Resources

Technology resources for
engaging virtually

Tech Tutorials

Our catalog of how-to
videos for tech tools

Faculty Guide

A comprehensive guide
to technology resources


The Zoom web collaboration tool is available to faculty as a stand-alone web conferencing tool or inside the Folio learning management system. Use it to participate in meetings with colleagues, to schedule virtual office hours or collaborate with students, and much more. Explore the options below to learn more about Zoom.

Use Zoom

Access Zoom, create a meeting, and invite participants

Zoom Online Rooms

Learn more about how Zoom integrates with Folio for faculty-student collaboration

Optimize Zoom

Personalize your background, share your screen, and much more

Advanced Options

View privacy and enhancement options or avoid Zoombombing

Classroom Technology

Have questions about using the technology inside your classrooms? We’ve created some tutorials to help you use cameras and microphones in your classes.


Learn how to use the wireless microphones located in classrooms. View the video or download complete instructions.


Use the Epson doc cams in classrooms as web cams. View the video or download complete instructions.


Have questions about the resources listed here or any other technology related issues? Our MyTech Support team is happy to help. Contact us >

Last updated: 7/8/2021