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Our Town Halls

Effective Communication

We’ve learned a lot about communication in IT Services: what tools to use, who our audience is, the importance of timing and so much more. We make it our business to help students, faculty and staff communicate with one another–that’s why we know that effective communication is invaluable to our consolidation efforts. With our dedicated staff working diligently to achieve so many important outcomes, we feel that it’s of the utmost importance to come together in a concerted, consistent manner to share updates, ask questions, and voice concerns. By communicating in a transparent way with our staff and constituents, we achieve the speed and effectiveness that only a trust relationship can bring.

Town Hall Structure

ITS town halls are scheduled regularly in an effort to make sure that all of our staff receive the same communications and updates. ITS leadership inform the group of any updates, walk through any decisions, and open the floor for staff questions and comments. Town halls can take many forms, from the smaller, mini town halls that are help at the departmental level, to the larger, division-wide town halls. Functional users outside of IT Services are also invited to participate.

Our Philosophy

In ITS, the transparent way that we communicate supports our customer service mindset, which focuses on the philosophy “Service, Simplicity, Speed.” To read more about this philosophy and how we apply it to our everyday interactions, please click the graphic below.

Last updated: 4/12/2017