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Our Plan

Strategy for Success

In IT Services, we’re problem solvers; we’re used to taking complex ideas and mapping them out to find simple, effective solutions. Our approach to consolidation is no different. We’ve taken steps to identify and communicate important technology milestones to keep our teams on track throughout the consolidation process. By carefully planning, documenting and articulating our approach to consolidating IT systems and processes, we help keep our institutions on the path for a successful consolidation.

Collaboration Tools

As a precursor to any consolidation planning, our IT teams have taken a proactive approach to solving the communication needs of the Operational Working Groups who will lead the two universities through the consolidation process. Since we know this will be an essential component of the planning process, we’ve created a virtual meeting room, telephone conference line, email listserv and team website for each OWG. In addition, we’ve created training materials and documentation on how to use these tools. Technical support for collaboration tools is available at both Georgia Southern and Armstrong.

ITS Consolidation Timeline

The ITS Consolidation Timeline, or “Critical Path,” lists many important milestones in the consolidation process as they relate to technology. The dates and ranges noted on the critical path are established by the Operational Working Groups in conjunction with our Board of Regents counterparts and are carefully staged to complement our constituents’ needs. The critical path is a living document, updated frequently and subject to change. Please click the graphic below to view our most current version of the critical path. Check back often for changes and updates.

Last updated: 4/7/2017