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Our Culture

Cultivating a New Spirit

Both Georgia Southern University and Armstrong State University benefit from a history steeped in rich traditions and culture. As the two universities become one, it’s important to preserve these traditions while cultivating a new culture that combines the spirit of the two institutions and fosters a collaborative environment. In Information Technology Services, we take a proactive approach to achieving this spirit by investing in the relationships of our staff. We’re fully committed to this endeavor because we know that our people are our greatest resource and our most valuable asset.

Professional Development & Teambuilding 

One of the ways that we invest in our staff relationships in ITS is through use of the PeopleMap System of Training and Development. This program, developed by Dr. Michael Lillibridge, is specifically designed to not only help employees learn and develop their own personality types, but also focuses on how to communicate and collaborate with other personality types. We believe that this training is an important tool in building a culture of collaboration and open communication. We typically offer this training as a full-day event for ITS staff from both Georgia Southern and Armstrong along with other teambuilding exercises.

Benefits & Wellness

As institutions within the University System of Georgia, both Georgia Southern and Armstrong offer considerable benefit and wellness packages. To see the complete benefit offerings please visit the USG Benefits site.



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Last updated: 4/12/2017