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Defining Our “Division”

“Division” is an interesting term to use when referring to a unified group. If you read the definition of the word, it implies the opposite; yet, here we are, taking what had been two separate IT groups from both Armstrong and Georgia Southern and creating one integrated Division of IT Services that will serve a three-campus consolidated university.

You’ve been making great progress in achieving solidarity throughout the consolidation process and your continued tenacity as we define our organizational structure has been admirable and greatly appreciated. After working with my direct reports over the past couple of weeks, I’m pleased to inform you that the organizational structure for all of the departments within the division have been reviewed and approved by Human Resources, Legal Affairs, and President Hebert.

Please take a moment to review the approved organizational structure on the “Our Team” section of the ITS Consolidation site. Under the Organizational Structure tab, you’ll find the ITS Organizational Summary which not only lists the organizational charts for each department, but also a formal purpose description for each department as well as some sample services offered by that department.

With this approval, we take a big step toward finalizing our permanent organizational structure for the new university. My executive leadership team is diligently working through the recruitment process as defined by the USG to link names with positions. This includes slotting and/or hiring incumbents as well as advertising vacant and new positions. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, I invite you to communicate with my leadership team.

Defining our structure will provide a solid foundation for us to build on in the coming months as we implement those services that until now were recommendations. Solidifying our structure also improves our ability to be flexible, agile, and to grow. The most important outcome of this process, however, and one that I am most enthusiastic about, is that at the end of all this, we will be one “division” with one goal and one mission: to bring the service, simplicity, and speed of all of our technology resources to the new Georgia Southern University.

Thanks For All You Do,



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