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New Developments: Week of May 22, 2017

Hello All,

I wanted to take a moment to make you aware of a couple of new developments as they relate consolidation:

New Academic Structure Approved

During the CIC yesterday, the new Academic Structure was approved. This defined structure allows us to ensure that we align the necessary support structure as well as technology to make it successful. This structure is important not only from an organizational perspective, but it also feeds future configurations within ADP, PeopleSoft, Banner, and many other systems. You can read more on the details of the new structure in yesterday’s press release on the University consolidation site.

New IT Consolidation Dashboard Launched

In order to track our process we have created a scorecard that measures how we are progressing throughout the consolidation process. This shows how much work you all have accomplished in such a short time. I am reminded every day how blessed we are to have such a great team that is committed to service and success. I can tell you that, based on my interaction both inside and outside of the University System, the team and mindset that we have here is special. Our President and leadership recognize this and well as the USG. Keep up the great work. You can find the dashboard on the ITS consolidation site. We will update this scorecard approximately every 2 weeks.

Thanks for all you do.



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