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Welcome to the IT Services Consolidation Site

We’re excited to announce the launch of our ITS Consolidation site. The site will be used to streamline communications and plans not only for our division but also for our customers. On this site you will find areas that address key components that will make us successful:

Our Focus
This section of the site explains our student-centered approach to the consolidation process. As part of this approach, we’ve developed the concept of “personas,” which is also explained in this section.

Our Team
IT Services has five Operational Working Groups (OWGs). These groups, along with their leadership teams, are listed in this section of the ITS Consolidation site.

Our Town Halls
You’ve probably been a part of an ITS Consolidation Town Hall already. We’ve held a few of these for departments and for all of ITS. We’ll continue to host these information sessions, opening them up to larger groups that include our Armstrong counterparts and functional constituents. You can find information about these Town Halls in this section of the site.

Our Plan
In this section of the site, you’ll find information about some of the tools that we’ll be using throughout the consolidation process. One of these tools is the Critical Path Timeline. This timeline is a living document that lists dates for different milestones along the consolidation timeline.

Our Culture
This section of the site focuses on our team-centered culture and our use of the PeopleMap System. There’s also information about benefits and traditions.

In addition to these items you will also see a “News” section in the menu at the top of the Consolidation site. I will be posting information to this news feed pretty frequently and will use it as a resource to communicate status updates as we progress through Consolidation. Topics will include things to look forward to or decisions that have been made throughout the week as they relate to key milestones. Please continue to check this site for updates and feel free to share with our partners.

One of the top priorities within our consolidation process that will help make us successful is communication. If there are items that you feel we could improve on or have questions about, please let us know. We’d also love to get some feedback from you to add to our FAQ section, so please communicate any questions to us that you’d like to see addressed here.

I hope you will find the site useful and I look forward to hearing from you soon.




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