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New Security Feature: External Email Tag

All Georgia Southern faculty and staff will soon receive a new security enhancement: the external email tag. This new feature helps reduce phishing, spoofing, and other email scams. Beginning at 8am on Thursday, July 30th, email messages that you receive which originated outside of the University’s email system will have an [External] email tag in the subject. 

Internal Message Subject Example: 
“Meeting Request” 

External Message Subject Example: 
“[External] Meeting Request”

While the [External] tag does not mean the message that you received is a scam, it does give you additional information about the message’s source. Phishing and other scam emails are constantly increasing in complexity and sophistication and senders’ email addresses can even be “spoofed” to look like someone you know and work with in the University. This new feature will help protect your account by letting you know when you receive messages from external sources.

Have questions about the [External] email tag or need technology support? Please let us know by submitting a MyHelp ticket or reaching out to our MyTech Support representatives. We appreciate your help in keeping “Our House” safe and secure. 


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