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Virtual Resources

Virtual Resources: Tools to Help You Keep Teaching & Working Remotely

As the Georgia Southern community works to reduce the number of people on our campuses, technology will play a crucial role in University business continuity plans. ITS offers a large portfolio of virtual resources that can help you shift to working and teaching remotely, should the need arise.

If there is a possibility that you will need to work or teach remotely, it’s important to know that as we increase our online presence, we also increase our vulnerability to online attacks. During the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) response, cyber criminals will attempt to take full advantage of the increased opportunity for ransomware, malware, and phishing attempts.

Take the following steps to ensure that your data and resources remain secure:

1. Beware of Suspicious Links

Be mindful of suspicious links, especially those referencing coronavirus response and planning. Attackers use fear and uncertainty to prompt victims to click without thinking. ALWAYS think before you click to avoid phishing and other scams.

2. Use Strong Passwords

Use a complex password that isn’t easily guessed.

3. Avoid Public WiFi

Avoid using public or unsecured networks.  Use Georgia Southern’s VPN solution when accessing sensitive information.

4. Use a Clean Machine

For University machines, ITS works to ensure that your operating system is up-to-date and that your machine has anti-virus software installed. If you’re planning to use a personal device, be sure to take these same steps to decrease vulnerabilities.

5. Save Securely

Be deliberate when saving sensitive data.  Always consider saving these resources in Google Drive instead of storing on a personal machine (this allows for ease of access regardless of your location and reduces your risk factor for data leaks).

6. Act Quickly

Report security concerns in a timely manner.  Quick action for mitigation measures are key to a successful outcome.  Report concerns to or to the MyTech Support Help Desk as quickly as possible.

7. Review Policies

Be mindful of campus policy as it relates to IT resources and data.  These policies apply to all employees regardless of how the data and resources are being accessed.

Establishing continuity plans and becoming familiar with more virtual and online resources will allow our campus community to continue to operate as we respond to the continued spread of the novel coronavirus. Using the tips above can help to ensure that the transition is smooth and seamless. If you have questions about virtual resources or any technology issues, please feel free to contact our MyTech Support team.


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