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Non-verbal Communication: What You Don’t Say Is As Important As What You Do Say

US News logoWhether you’re a member of the faculty, a staff member, or a student at Georgia Southern, we all communicate non-verbally every day. What you don’t say can be as powerful as what you do say. That’s the message of a recent U.S. News and World Report article about ways to improve non-verbal communications. The article, written by Hallie Crawford, a certified career coach and expert contributor in the media, offers five points of which to be cognizant when communicating in office settings or in everyday life.

  1. Make eye contact with those with whom you are speaking
  2. Adjust your tone of voice to emphasize your interest in the subject
  3. Be careful to stand or sit in a way that indicates that others are important
  4. Use natural gestures to add weight to your words but take care to avoid being forced
  5. Be cognizant of your appearance so that you project professionalism

Read the article on the US News and World Report website here.


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