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Guarding Against Cyber Attack

Locked GateEach month the technical experts in Enterprise Technology Solutions (ETS) update the operating software on servers and databases to make sure that each is as secure as possible. The Enterprise Device Management Service (EDMS) does the same for all University-owned Windows workstations every month. These updates are important ways to guard against cyber attacks and intrusions into the University’s computing environments.

These updates are usually carried out during times when the unavailability of services and systems will have the least impact – after most offices close or over weekends. During these times there are technical experts shepherding these updates along, which means that while most of us are sleeping or enjoying our weekend, these dedicated IT professionals are on the job.

Keeping systems and workstations updated, or patched, on a timely basis is very important for the security of University and personal data. Cyber criminals never take a break in their efforts to steal personal and institutional information by hacking into University systems. The University of California at Berkeley recently experienced a breach in which up to 80,000 individuals’ personal information may have been “acquired” by unauthorized individuals (click to read the UC Berkeley article).

Georgia Southern’s Information Security Office, ETS, EDMS, and all IT Services team members strive to keep personal information very secure. Patching and updating systems is one of the best ways to keep our systems safe. So, when IT Services sends out a notice that we will be performing updates and upgrades, you’ll know that your IT professionals are working to keep your information secure.


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