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NetTel Converts Campus to Digital Cable and Saves $54,000 Annually

In August 2015, Georgia Southern Information Technology Services’ Networking and Telecommunications (NetTel) converted the campus cable television system from the old analog system to a fully digital system under a new agreement with Apogee, higher education’s largest residential network and video provider. The conversion saved the University about $54,000 per year. The new system distributes nearly completely all channels in HD.

Georgia Southern joins Duke, Clemson, Auburn University at Montgomery, and the University of South Florida as partners with Apogee to move from the old legacy systems to the new digital HD system. Read more about this move on the University Business website.

Not only is the new system less expensive and more up-to-date, it also takes up much less room in the data center because there is much less equipment. The smaller footprint translates to a lower cost of operation since the new equipment produces less heat and consumes less electricity.

TV equipment before conversion

Before: TV equipment

TV equipment after conversion

After: TV equipment


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