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Voice Typing and Voice Commands in Google Docs

Google DocsDid you know that you can use your voice to type words into a Google Doc? Over the past couple of years, Google added voice dictation (Google calls it Voice Typing) to Google Docs for iOS and Android.

In 2015, the capability was added to Windows and OS X when you use Docs in the Chrome browser. On February 24, the company announced that Voice Typing for Google Docs now includes voice commands for formatting and editing Docs. Up to the time of this announcement, you could dictate text into a Google Doc but formatting by voice was very difficult and probably made typing the entire document much easier. Now, you can issue editing commands just like you can dictate text.

Check out these resources to learn more about Voice Typing in Google Docs:

Click here to see a video demonstration of the new features.

Here’s where you can see the Google Docs Blog for February 24, 2016 about Voice Typing.

Click here for a guide to using Voice Typing.


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