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Synchronizing Application/WebXtender and Banner Passwords

  1. Click on the new Banner icon on your desktop.
    (if you do not have this icon, please call the IT Services Help desk at 478-2287).
  2. Enter your Banner ID and Banner password and click connect
    (please leave the database field blank).
  3. Go to any Banner form.
  4. From the form, click the SCT Banner XtenderSolutions icon on the toolbar.
  5. You may receive one or two messages from Banner – Click OK.
  6. When the Application/WebXtender signon screen appears, enter your Banner ID and Banner password again and click login.
    (database is default).
  7. Your Application/WebXtender password has now been synchronized and is available through Banner or as a stand alone application.

Last updated: 10/28/2013