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Google Sites / Setting Up File and Document Sharing

What are Google Sites?

The goal of Google Sites is to enable anyone to create a team-oriented site where multiple individuals can collaborate and share files. Google Sites can be created to accomplish a number of different things. They can be used as regular websites, blogging sites, and shared file cabinets.

Who can use Google Google Sites?

Anyone with a University Google account have access to Google Sites.

Set Up of a New Collaborative Site and Sharing Files on that Site
Collaborative Google Site Set Up

Like other Google Apps (now called G Suite Apps), there are several ways to get to the Google Sites set up application.

  • While in any Google App, click on the Google Apps icon in the upper right of the window just to the left of the user photograph. In the Google Apps list that appears, Sites is at the bottom-center. Click the Sites icon to open Google Sites.
  • Navigate to If you have not already signed in, you’ll be taken to the Georgia Southern or Armstrong sign in app.
  • Either route will bring you to Google Sites.

Google Sites has had a recent update that now provides two methods for creating a Site. The method described here is using the “classic Sites” method.

  1. On the Google Sites web page, click the red “Create” button.
  2. A drop-down window containing “in classic Sites” and “in new Sites.”
  3. Click “in classic Sites.”
  4. The Google Sites set up screen will appear.
  5. Under the “Select a template to use:” section, click on “Browse the gallery for more:
  6. In the “Select a site template” window, search for or scroll down to locate “Collaborative File Cabinet.”
  7. You will see a preview screen. Click “Select.”
  8. You’ll be returned to the Create Site page. The “Collaborative File Cabinet” template will be highlighted.
  9. Type a name for your site in the space provided. This name will be used to create a default URL for your Site. In the next step, you’ll be able to edit that URL for length or to simplify it while leaving the Site name in a more easy to read fashion.
  10. It’s best to not select a theme for readability reasons.
  11. Under “More Options,” categories are not needed. It will be helpful, though, to add a description of your Site to explain it’s purpose for others.
  12. Click the red “Create” button.
  13. Google Sites will now create your Site.
  14. When the Site has been has been created, click on the gear symbol in the upper right corner
  15. On the “More options menu” menu you may:
    • Share the Site
    • Subscribe to Site changes – you’ll receive an email when any change is made
  16. Select “Sharing and permissions” to add collaborators to your Site in the Sharing and Permissions area. If you want a larger population of people to see the Site but not be able to make changes, you may do so in this screen. The sharing mechanism is the same as with Google Drive.
  17. Make any adjustments you deem necessary. The change in configuration is immediate and saved automatically.
    Your Site is now ready for use.

Sharing Files and Folders on a Google Site

A collaborative Google Site is a great place to share files and documents with your team. To create folders and share files, navigate to the page on which files are being shared. There you will find a series of buttons for sharing and organizing files.

You may set up folders inside your Google Site to help organize your content. It’s often advantageous to create folders before uploading files, though you may create a folder at the time you upload a file. Here are instructions:

  1. On the Site Page where files may be shared, click the “Move to:” button.
  2. Click “New Folder.”
  3. Enter the new folder name.
  4. There is no limit to the folders you can create.

To add files, documents, links to online resources, and resources from your Google Drive to your Site, you may follow these steps:

  1. Click “Add file.”
  2. In the window that opens, navigate to the folder in which the file that you wish to upload resides.
  3. Select the file or files you wish to upload and click on “Open.”
  4. Your file(s) will be uploaded and placed in the main content area (not in a folder yet).
  5. To move a file or files to a folder, click the check boxes to the left of each file you wish to move.
  6. Click the “Move to” button.
  7. Select the folder to which you wish to move the files. You may create a new folder at this point, as well.
  8. The selected files will be moved to the selected folder.
  9. You may add a link to a folder in a very similar manner. Click the “Add link” button and follow the same procedure for moving to a folder as you did for files.
  10. Adding files from Drive follows the same process as files not found in Drive. The difference between the two is “under the hood.”

Last updated: 2/21/2017