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Publish a Website

Georgia Southern utilizes a content management system for official websites and pages. The University Web Team, a cross-functional team made up of Marketing & Communications and Information Technology Services staff members, administers the content management system to facilitate ease of use and to maintain consistency across all of Georgia Southern’s websites.

In addition, each Division and College of the University has appointed a content owner to maintain the web content for their respective organizations and to act as liaisons between their organizations and the University Web Team.

University division, college or department representatives should contact their content owner when a new website is needed. The content owner will then contact the Web Team with the request. To find your contact, please refer to the Web Content Owner List.

Faculty and Staff Personal Websites

The University provides Google Sites for faculty and staff personal websites – visit the MyApps Learning Center for a step-by-step guide and additional training resources.

Student Organizations

Official student organizations are eligible to create a web presence using MyInvolvement – contact the Office of Student Activities for more information.

Last updated: 11/8/2016