Cyber Security Awareness

Today, we are more interconnected than ever before. Not only do we use the Internet to stay connected, informed, and involved, but we rely on it for almost all of our day-to-day work. The university’s critical infrastructure relies heavily on the Internet for everything from submitting payroll, to applying for student loans, to teaching and research, to even our day to day communication. Can you imagine our lives without the Internet?  Yet, for all of its advantages, increased connectivity brings increased risk of crime – thus making cyber security awareness one of the university’s most important security priorities.

Georgia Southern University has provided over 30 online courses related to Cyber Security in our staff’s e-learning system, Building a Better U (BaBU).  For instructions on how to access BaBU, go to  Once you are connected to BaBU, you can find the classes in the Catalog under Cyber Security, Individual Courses.

Employees are required to take a core set of these classes annually starting July of each fiscal year and must be completed by June 30 of that fiscal year.  The courses are combined in a learning program called “Cyber Security Awareness” that is automatically assigned to each employee’s MyPlan in BaBU. Notifications about the class will be sent through e-mail each week in October, but you can complete the course at any time.  New employees have 60 days to complete the course once they start their employment.

Last updated: 9/20/2016

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