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Impulse Safe•Connect

Impulse Safe•Connect

Network Access Control (NAC) provides authentication and compliance checking to users connecting in the Residence Halls as well as Campus wireless.

This system helps ensure computers are compliant with university security policies including patches and antivirus software, which in turn keeps the network and users safer.

Georgia Southern has chosen to use the Impulse Safe*Connect solution for this functionality. Impulse Safe*Connect uses a Policy Key Agent that runs silently on the user’s system to ensure compliance with policies and report problems.

Connection Overview

This guide will show the basic steps needed to get connected using Impulse Safe•Connect. If you have any additional questions, please refer to either the ResNet or Campus help links on the left depending on where you are connecting from.

Step One:

Once you have connected to GSUCampus (wireless), GSUResNet (wireless), or plugged in in the residence halls, you will need to open a web browser.
You will be redirected to the Impulse Safe•Connect login screen. Login using your MyGeorgiaSouthern name and password. Note: if you are using a mobile device or Linux, this is the only step you will need to perform.

Safe Connect Authntication form image

Step Two:

If you are using Windows or MacOS, you will need to install the Policy Key. This is a small application that will ensure your system meets the security standards of the network. You will only need to do this once.

Safe Connect Network Acceptable Policy  image

Step Three:

If you are missing any of the required settings, you will be notified via your web browser when you attempt to browse the internet.

Notification of deficiencies preventing connection example

The Policy Key Agent

Installed during this process and ensures the following:

  • Windows Updates are set to install automatically
  • Antivirus software is installed
  • Antivirus software is running and updated

If your computer meets all of these requirements you will be able to connect normally.


What is ‘Impulse Safe•Connect’?

Impulse Safe•Connect is a Network Access Control (NAC) solution that provides a method to check the identity of users and the compliance of their machines with University policy.

Is this mandatory?

Yes. Impulse Safe•Connect is required on all wireless networks as well as all ResNet networks unless approved by the Network Administrator or Information Security officer. Attempts to circumvent this system are a violation of the computer use policy and can lead to removal of network access or action by judicial affairs.

What types of devices will need to log in?

Windows and MacOS computers will need to log in and install the Policy Key agent. Linux, iPad, Android, iPhone, and other mobile devices will just need to log in to the web portal.

What about other devices like TIVO, XBOX and NINTENDO Wii? Will I need to register these devices?

No. Unlike in the past, other devices such as game consoles will not need to login or be registered on the network. Impulse Safe*Connect will automatically detect these devices and allow them the appropriate access. Note that some devices (PS3, Wii) may need to open the web browser when first turned on so the system can identify them appropriately.

I have other questions about this system. Whom do I contact?

ResNet students will need to contact the ResNet HelpDesk at the link in the left column. Campus Students and Faculty/Staff should contact their department technical representative, or the IT services HelpDesk at the link in the menu on the left under “Need Help?”.

Last updated: 4/8/2014