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GS Wireless

Wireless Connectivity

Connecting to wireless networks makes accessing the internet convenient and efficient. Both secure and guest wireless networking is available on the Armstrong, Liberty, and Statesboro Campuses. To find out more information about wireless connectivity on each of the campuses, please select the desired location under the “location” section below.

What is GS Wireless?

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GS Wireless, Georgia Southern’s wireless network system, is comprised of three wireless networks (or SSIDs) that can be used by Georgia Southern students; Georgia Southern, Armstrong, and Liberty Center faculty and staff; and University guests:

GSCampus is a secure wireless network designed to protect private data from intruders and identity thieves. When you use GSCampus, data flowing between your wireless computer, tablet, or phone and the main Georgia Southern network is encrypted so that private information remains private.

GSGuest, an unsecured, open network, is designed to permit campus guests to register for access and use GS Wireless while on campus.

GSDevice, another unsecured, open network, is designed to allow the connection of devices, such as gaming consoles and smart TVs, to GS Wireless by completing an online registration.

GS Wireless Locations

The GS Wireless networks are available all across the Georgia Southern University Statesboro Campus. For instructions on how to connect to wireless networks on the Armstrong and Liberty campuses, please select a location:

On the Statesboro Campus, you can connect to GS Wireless in the following locations:

  • Academic buildings
  • On the Pedestrium
  • Residence halls
  • Henderson Library
  • Russell Union
  • Recreation Activity Center (RAC)
  • Performing Arts Center (PAC)
  • In most Administration and support buildings


Click on a tab below for more information and configuration instructions.

GSCampus Wireless

The proliferation of cyber crime makes it necessary to take steps to protect sensitive information from those that would use it to compromise personal and University data. The GSCampus wireless network uses a secure authentication mechanism known as WPA2-Enterprise and and the 802.1X wireless security protocol to encrypt data over the wireless link.

Networking and Telecommunications (NetTel) maintains a primary secured wireless network:

  • GSCampus – found in residence halls as well as in academic, administration, support buildings, and outdoor venues on the Georgia Southern University Statesboro Campus.

Georgia Southern students, faculty, and staff as well as Armstrong State University faculty and staff can use GSCampus by setting up devices using the following steps.

Windows 7
Windows 8.1

Windows 10

Apple OS X

Apple iOS



GSGuest Wireless

In some cases it is preferable or necessary to leave a network open. For example, when a guest comes to campus for a few days, they don’t have a MyGeorgiaSouthern or Port ID. To make connecting convenient, they can just register online and start using the network right away. A GSGuest account will be good for five days after which a new registration will be required.

GSGuest is a non-secure, open network.

Follow these steps to connect to the GSGuest wireless network.
GSDevice Wireless

Devices such as gaming consoles, Smart TVs, and streaming devices connect to the GSDevice wireless network.

GSDevice is a non-secure, open network.

Please use these instructions to set up a connection for these types of devices. If you have any questions, please contact the Service Desk at (912) 478-2287 or your departmental technical specialist.

PLEASE NOTE: Nintendo Wii Consoles must use a wired connection to access the Georgia Southern Network.

You’ll need to find your device’s MAC address (MAC stands for Media Access Control and refers to the unique identifier for your hardware). Click here for instructions for locating the MAC address of major brands of consoles and other devices.

Follow these steps to register a device on GSDevice

Last updated: 12/12/2017