David Halstead on Integrating HPC Curriculum

SIG HPC Education Presents:

The Community Speaks Series

Wednesday, May 31st at 4pm EDT, 1pm PDT

David Halstead on Integrating HPC Curriculum


Continuing the efforts started at Supercomputing 2016, the leadership team of SIG HPC Education is hosting a series of town halls to discuss salient issues in HPC education and training. By creating these town halls, we hope to bring together our expertise, share our experiences, and find ways the SIG HPC Education chapter can support your education and training needs.


Join us on Wednesday May 31st at 4pm EDT, 1pm PDT via WebEx: Meeting link


To initiate the SIG HPC Education sponsored “Community Speaks” series, we believe a follow-up conversation around Integrating HPC Curriculum into Undergraduate Education would be an interesting topic, with broad appeal to our members.

Providing undergraduates with relevant and engaging exposure to HPC concepts and tools is a real challenge, especially when applied to a traditional STEM degree curriculum. In this forum, we seek to share the insights and experience about existing training material to “self-assemble” and facilitate mutual support for educators.

Please join us for this interactive Webinar in which we frame the discussion, understand the current status, and plan for future opportunities. The format is a 15-20 minute introduction to a topic and then an open discussion around the critical points presented. As an experiment, we are also planning on sharing an open Google doc for written comments as well as the live discussion.

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