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CIO Project List

Current IT Projects

Herty Research Transition
There are multiple IT tasks associated with converting Herty to the auspices of Georgia Southern.

Analytic Dashboards for Registration
ITS is supporting the SAEM Division in the development of analytic dashboards for registration data.

Interactive Table in the Library

VDI: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
ITS is setting a VDI system to access a virtual environment from anywhere.

my.goergiasouthern Upgrade

Shooting Sports Complex: Construction

ROTC: Construction

Health Center: Construction

Recently Completed IT Projects

PeopleAdmin Upgrade
Human Resources is upgrading the PeopleAdmin system to current revision and introducing new functionality.

Annual State Financial Audit
Georgia TRA auditors recently complimented ITS and Financial Services for a very good financial audit.

Banner Solaris to Linux Migration
ITS moved the current Banner ERP system from a Solaris/Oracle database to a Linux/VMWare/Oracle service to improve performance and comply with USG standards.

Bb Analytics Undergraduate Admissions Phase I
A project to provide admissions management dashboards based on OLAP data source.

Desire2Learn Analytics
The University is implementing a pilot program in COE for utilizing D2L analytics in courses to predict and manage student success.

University Housing Management Mobile Application
An application to improve the accuracy and efficiency of check-in/check-out processes.

Parking Financial Holds
A project to automatically apply financial holds to students with parking fines.

Residence Management System
A project to upgrade the RMS system and put it on virtual servers.

Contracts Management Systems
A new system to manage the University’s contracts

Hobsons Implementation for Graduate Admissions Management
COGS is implementing the same system used for undergraduate admissions to manage graduate admissions processes.

Internet Upgrade 1GB dual-homed links
Network and Telecommunications department in conjunction with the University System of Georgia implemented a second fiber-optic connection and increasing bandwidth to 2GB for the University Campus.

Web Site Migration
A project to enhance the creation and management of department web sites in WordPress.

Business Objects Upgrade
A project to upgrade the University’s computer reporting capabilities.


Note: There are other projects that ITS is engaging and tracking in a Sharepoint Project Portfolio. The projects listed here are selected from among those that introduce new innovation or have a broad impact on the institution. For complete information, contact the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology.

Last updated: 10/13/2014