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New Privacy and Security for Google Apps

Google added new privacy and security for Google apps to help protect customers guard their data.

My Account

The company launched My Account, and account that gives you access to control, protect and secure your account in a single place.

With My Account users can:

  • View simple step-by-step guides, Privacy Checkup and Security Checkup, to help with reviewing and editing your personal privacy and security settings.
  • Manage the information that can be used from Search, Maps, YouTube, and other products.
  • Control the apps and sites that are connected to your account


New Sign-in Security

Starting June 15, people who use Google for Work accounts will receive an email whenever Google cannot detect an user is authentic. Account users will be able to view a list of recent new sign-in and recently used devices using their Sign-in & security page.

Visit Google’s new website to get more information about privacy questions about privacy and security on Google, including frequently asked questions.

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