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Room and Event Reservations (25Live)

25Live is a series of tools for optimizing classroom and event scheduling, space and resource management, web calendar publishing, as well as master planning and reporting.

25Live is the official room scheduling resource for the University. All University room resources should be managed through 25Live.

It lets you view events, locations and resources, schedule events and assign locations and resources, and check location and resource availability. As well as offering a graphic display of near real-time course schedule data from Banner, 25Live displays all other events occurring in campus teaching spaces.


Anyone with My.GeorgiaSouthern credentials.

To get the Service:

Any individual with My.GeorgiaSouthern credentials may log in to 25live at to create an account in 25live. Once an account has been created, event space can be requested via 25live.

To get help for the service:

Click here to request assistance through MyTechHelp.

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